Recipe: Rabbit Pappardelle


Rabbit Pappardelle

Serves 8, Duration 2-3 days

Marinade for Rabbit

Marinate rabbit in mix for 1-2 days before cooking

350 ml  White wine

100 ml  Olive oil

2 pc  Garlic clove

4 pc  Shallot

1pc  Rabbit cut into pieces, with bones 

Save marinade


To Cook Rabbit

Oil and butter

150 g  Bacon - cut into 2cm cubes

Pinch  Black pepper

Pinch  Fresh thyme, sage and rosemary

Pinch  Salt

2  Brown onions, thickly sliced

50 g  Dijon Mustard

350 ml  White wine

500 ml  Chicken stock


1. In a skillet brown the rabbit and bacon in the butter and oil

2. Remove and place into a pot

3. In the same skillet cook the onion, garlic and shallot until clear

4. Place in the pot with the rabbit add fresh herbs and salt and pepper

5. Add mustard and marinade and bring to a boil add the white wine and chicken stock and re-boil.

6. Cover the rabbit and cook over very low heat for at least 2 hours until meat is tender

7. Gently take the rabbit meat off the bones, strain the liquid, and reduce  on low heat to 400ml

To Serve (all ingredients listed per person)

50 ml  Stock reduction

60 g  Fresh peas (use frozen if preferred)

180 g  Fresh pappardelle per person (a local Italian deli will have homemade, alternately use lasagne sheets and cut to 2cm thickness)

20g  Green olives cheeks (Sicilian are best)

6  Leaves fresh sage

50 g  Butter

25 g  Parmesan cheese

Salt and pepper


1. Heat the sauce in skillet

2. Add the shredded rabbit, olives and fresh sage

3. Bring to gentle simmer, add the cold butter and stir until the sauce has thickened

4. Add peas

5. Season to taste, toss the pappardelle with the sauce

6. Portion onto serving dish

7.Garnish with crispy sage leaves and shaved parmesan cheese

8. Add salt and pepper to taste

Also available throughout Winter at the Restaurant.